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Thank you for helping us make the 2018 Book Arts Jam a success! Stay tuned for details about the October 2019 Book Arts Jam

What is Book Art Jam?

The 2018 Book Arts Jam is a one-day celebration of the book, print & paper arts, held in Redwood City, California, midway between San Francisco and San Jose.

Jam2018 will feature:

Photos from past Jams

The Book Arts Jam is a volunteer-run event sponsored Bay Area Book Artists (BABA). BABA is a small, grassroots book arts community. Founder Jone Small Manoogian describes BABA as "a warm and friendly, loosely-organized group of artists, who support one another in all aspects of creating books." Members meet twice a month to share information about upcoming exhibitions, demonstrate new skills, problem-solve works in progress, trade materials, and enjoy the company of others who are passionate about book arts.

Visit BABA's Web site to learn more.
Membership is free and open to anyone who would like to join us. Please come to one of our monthly meetings and find out how you can get involved.


If you have questions about the Book Arts Jam, contact us at info@bookartsjam.org.

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